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The Center for Preventative Health Care is pleased to announce the introduction of its new Preventative Health Care Maintenance Membership Program designed to provide ongoing Preventative Health care at an affordable price. In this program, clients will learn how to optimize their total health and wellness, using a selection of healing modalities The cornerstone of this program is the Nutritional Consultation with Clinical Nutritionist Nancy Leonard. At first you will receive a Full Wellness Evaluation including, History, Physical, Holistic testing of your Blood through a Live Blood Cell Test and a Hair Analysis Test which will determine your toxicity. Your Wellness Program will be designed especially for you to fit your Nutritional Needs during your initial consultation. There are EIGHT key visits that are incorporated into every one's core program they are: Your Initial assessment, Your Recommendation based on the findings of your Hair Analysis Test, Your diet plan, Exercise and Stress Management. All other modalities and treatment plans are than designed to fit the individuals’ needs. The purpose of this program is to allow YOU to enjoy the benefits of Holistic Care and attain your desired goals without having to worry about the high costs associated with being Healthy. There are several maintenance programs that are offered and can include up to 20 Modalities per month based on the Plan that is offered to be most beneficial for the individual as well as most affordable.

The modalities offered here at the Center for Preventative Health Care Include the following:·

  • Live Blood Cell Testing

  • Ionic Detoxifying footbaths

  • Oxygen Therapies

  • Detoxification; Steam Therapy with or without Herbs/Oxygen

  • Medical Hypnotherapy

  • Holistic Skin and Nail Care

  • Hair Tissue Analysis

  • Exercise Fitness Programs

  • Cold Laser Foot Therapy

  • Massage: Relaxation, Therapeutic, Lymphatic, Medical and Deep Tissue

  • Neuro Feedback

  • Supplements ( included with certain Programs)

If you want to include any additional Health Modalities there will be an extra charge at a discounted Cash price. All supplements can be purchased here at the Center and my Wellevate Virtual Vitamin Dispensary if you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to contact us for CURRENT PRICING.

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